Katleen Vermeir

extension#AXIS MUNDI
extension#AXIS MUNDIextension#AXIS MUNDIextension#AXIS MUNDIextension#AXIS MUNDI

The video was taken from a helicopter, circling around the archaeological site of Ename where I made the drawing AXIS MUNDI. I transposed a surface drawing of Pueblo Bonito on top of the archaeological site of Ename. Pueblo Bonito is a ruin in the southwest of the United States. Its history parallels that of the site in Ename. Both sites have formally nothing in common. They basically sprout from different views on the world. But time and time again the existing architecture of the 2 sites was used as a sign to demonstrate power, its image or symbolism being used as a means of control over its environment. Confronting the current linear view on history, I see the Pueblo Bonito drawing as an unexcavated alternative for the site of Ename.