Katleen Vermeir

FOD Buitenlandse  Zaken Beheer kunst & antiquiteiten has taken 'Water Drawing' on loan for The Belgian Embassy in Tokyo. The video is displayed at the Multipurposeroom of the embassy.

Other works on view are: 'jeune Fille a l'arret'  by Michel Francois and 'denkmal 52' by jan De Cock.

(letter to Ronny Heiremans)


video, 28 minutes, black/white, silent, ratio 3:4, VHS transferred to DV

short introduction:

In the video Waterdrawing I draw the floor plan of a room. Although I have never seen the room, I do this from my memory, with a brush and pure water on an open square.
The room has been described to me in a letter. Minutely it mentions what is in the room. The layout of objects and furniture is expressed in footsteps as a unit of measure. It is as if I execute these descriptions. Repeating with my footsteps the outline of the room gives a rhythm to the lines that appear on my canvas of concrete. The sunlight is my assistant. The sun's reflection
makes the drawing visible in the first place, but in the act the heat evaporates the water until nothing of the drawing is left.